Tuesday, 5 January 2016

What do I do?

If you want to learn English for any reason I can help you along the way.
Maybe you are traveling overseas and you want to be able to find your way around.
Maybe you need to study English for your job.
Perhaps you wish for your children to learn English.
You may just want to learn English for fun.

I have experience in teaching all ages and levels of English, in a wide range of settings.

Where can we study?

I can teach you at a Cafe/Tea Shop. Part of this deal is you buy the coffee/tea. 
If you have children you want to learn English I can teach at your home. I already have about six students doing this.

What will it cost you?

After your free trial lesson, my standard rate is ¥3500 for a one hour lesson. 
If we have the lesson in a cafe, the coffee is on you.
If I need to travel anywhere except between Zenibako and Sapporo Stations, I would need payment for transport.
Finally, if you cancel the lesson on the same day the fee still stands. If I cancel on the same day (which I have done once in three years) the next lesson is free.
I also take group lessons, and for that we can have a talk about a suitable price.

Shall we talk?

You can call me or message me on 080-4369-1774, or if you are a bit shy you can email me on mattebrey@gmail.com